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Craft Beer, Soda, & Regional Wine in Eugene, Oregon

Fill your growler with your favorite craft beer, soda, hard cider, or regional wine at The Filling Station in Eugene, Oregon. We provide the very best varied selections of your favorite beverages. You’ll find 25 different microbrews on tap, regional Northwest wines, two regional ciders, and two craft sodas. Growlers help you save money and enjoy a wider variety of drinks at your home, without the hassle of disposing of bottles.

Glass of Wine, Regional Wine in Eugene, OR

Save Money!

Our wine is typically less expensive than you’ll find in the store, and you’ll get about 25% more. You’ll also enjoy keeping up-to-date with what’s happening in the wine industry. You can also choose your favorite local craft soda, or a range of hard ciders, which are growing every day in popularity. Ciders come in a variety of fruit flavors and craft sodas include cream soda and root beer.


The Filling Station provides growlers in sizes from one quart to two gallons, or you can bring your own. Our growler filling station gives you a green alternative to tossing out all your beer, wine, and soda bottles or cans each week, instead allowing you to refill your growler when it’s empty. Traditionally, growlers have been the territory of beer drinkers, but recently wine aficionados have gotten in on the action as well. We also think it's important to include our cider-loving friends and those who would prefer non-alcoholic sodas. 

The Microbrewery Advantage

Mass-produced beers eventually start to taste the same, as they're brewed for mass appeal. However, once you've tasted microbrews, you realize that your taste may prefer something a bit more exotic that you can't find on store shelves. Microbrews and craft beers, as well soda and wines, allow you to enjoy a fresher, wider variety. Microbrewed beers also tend to have higher alcohol content and are brewed seasonally in smaller quantities. This allows us to offer a wider selection of stouts, ales, and seasonable beers.

If you're new to microbrews and local wines, we offer samples any time we're open, allowing you to enjoy new beers and wines. Stop by and see us!

Contact us in Eugene, Oregon, to learn more about our craft beer, soda, or regional wine selection.